Growing up, I was never a big fan of hot oatmeal, maybe it was the texture but for over a year now, I thought I would try overnight oats and I fell in love with the taste.  I now make it for my family on a regular basis especially since it’s such a healthy way to start the day.  Being high in protein and fiber, it keeps you satiated for hours!

I love to try different toppings and adding different natural sugars such as raw honey or 100% pure maple syrup.  There are so many creations you can make with overnight oats.

I also added a scoop of collagen protein powder to make it even healthier since I love the benefits I have noticed in such a short time such as strong nails, longer hair, satiation and especially that it’s “gut healing”.  100% Pure Collagen protein is not just for anti aging, there are so many more health benefits by adding this to your daily routine.

Now for the recipe:


1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 cup quick cooking rolled oats

1 tbsp. raw cacao powder

1 tbsp. flax seeds

1 tbsp. pure maple syrup (drizzle more over top if you want it sweeter)

1 scoop Further Food Collagen Protein Peptides Powder

For topping:

1/2 cup fresh blueberries

1 banana (sliced)

Sprinkle with sliced almonds (or your choice of nuts), optional


In a medium size mason jar, add the oats then milk, followed by the raw cacao powder, flax seeds & maple syrup.

Stir well, tightly cover with lid and refrigerate overnight

When ready to eat, separate among 2 bowls and add your toppings



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*Gluten Free

*High in Protein



*Fiber Rich